These are some of the most common questions about the Mixson Business Center, Incubators, and what the purpose or advantage is being a part of our program.

What is the Mixson Business Center ?

The Mixson Business Center (MBC) is a small business incubator that was formed in 2004 by the Alfred Saliba Service Center. It is located at 545 West Main St. Dothan Al. The intention of the MBC is to provide entrepreneurs and existing small businesses with all the services and equipment needed to operate and advance your business into future growth. It is a 9,000 sq. ft. office building that contains 17 private business offices in a variety of sizes. Our location is beneficial to the fact that we are in a prime downtown business hub of Dothan. We at the MBC extend our invitation to become a part of what is known as the incubator success story for your small business.

How much do your offices rent for?

We have different sizes of offices on site. The cost is directly associated with the office you decide on. They range from $250.00 to $400.00. Remember though it is not just your own private office you get with that low montly rent but is acually the whole 9000 square foot building because we have so much community shared space.

What is a Business Incubator?

The definition of an incubator is a place that maintains a controlled environment containing the needed equipment and surroundings to nurture and promote growth of a specific subject, be it an egg, a baby, or a business.  A small business incubator is that exactly. It is a place that provides the space, tools, equipment, services, and information to aide in the start up and sustainability of a small business. Not all incubators are the same. Some examples are Bio-Tech, Agricultural, Kitchen, Med-Lab, Industrial, Manufacturing, Business, or Mixed Use. Depending on the demographics, Universities, and business popularity in an area is generally what determines what type of incubator facility may be available to you as an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

How can the Mixson Business Center help you?

The Mixson Business Center can help you and your business in many different ways. To start with we provide all the essential equipment and services needed to operate and sustain your business. They are listed on our equipment and services topic on the web-site. We are conveniently located close to downtown with easy access for you and your clients or customers. You are surrounded by people that want to help you succeed and grow. This includes staff and other clients that can provide information and direction to guide you when it comes to business decisions, if help is asked for. We at the MBC provide free workshops and seminars to you as a tenant and the community. We have a variety of offices and meeting space, including a large room with projector equipment. Our workshop space is specifically designed for trainings and informational seminars. This room is at our clients disposal for free but can also be rented out. Our business is helping you and your business fulfill and hopefully exceed it’s potential and your expectations.

What is the first step to starting my business?

Research and understanding the demographics of the area or city that you will be providing services.  Who am I competing against. Find our more through our Small Business Seminars held monthly from February to August. Click the workshops heading on the home page.

What is the initial cost to become a client at the MBC?

We require a $150.00 nonrefundable deposit and the first month rent upfront. The office that is chosen will determine the first month rent payment.